New Lessons…

So, I’ve had a few days since our lastĀ  play session to mull over my games. One was a basic mission that was, essentially, annihilation with an added goal of an antennae in the middle that if a specialist linked with, got the player 9 points and we had 1 classified mission each. The second was a “from the book” ITS mission (Emergency Transmission) that was a blast to play. Both games were very challenging and both of my opponents were very cool and easy to play with.

So, lessons first! I learned all about Classified Missions. There’s a chart at the back of the ITS “pamphlet”. Well, 4 charts, actually. And you choose the chart you’re going to use (without telling your opponent) and roll 2 dice per Classified Objective. Your opponent should be able to see the dice, but shouldn’t be told what chart (or charts) you rolled on. Also, I learned that Deployable Repeaters are not camouflaged when they are deployed. While this is good info, I do find it flies in the face of the tactics that I wanted to try.

Tactic that I wanted to try: “Russian” RouletteĀ  with deployable markers. A kind of shell game so that when my Guilang dropped a marker, it would be questioned as to whether it’s a mine or a repeater. Would’ve worked if it wasn’t for those meddling rules! *shakes fist* No big loss, but a slight embarrassment to learn it, mid-game, when your opponent is trying to figure out how to dispose of the “mine” that isn’t. Also, “forward observing” into melee combat, is apparently hard. And, in the case of my Guilang, caused him to miss and “look at” his own guy… Nothing happened adversely, really, but it was funny. I’ll get to it in my battle report, if I get time to do another set for the latest two games I played.

I learned, for the second time, that Morats (Combined Army) are really hard to beat… and mean. At least, for me anyway. I’m not sure what it is about those guys, and maybe it’s just my rolls sucked that game, but I really didn’t feel like I did as well on that game as I did on the PanO game. (BatReps coming soon, hopefully).

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