Hobby Stuff!

This will be a short-ish update. So, some very awesome guy made a page that you can print your own versions of the tokens at any size you like. This is awesome on many levels, but I figured that if I keep them in the same basic size that I’m already used to (25mm or 1″), I can do some pretty nifty things with other information that I found out. Bear with me, I’m trying to put this together and formulate it as I go, so it may be a little fractured, but the end result should be something pretty nifty and, though I’ve already shared it in theĀ  book of face, I’m putting it down again here for a more official “blogged” version.

A web based hobby site that I follow had an idea of “plasticizing” the Operation:Icestorm tokens with some plastic epoxy disks made by “Beadaholique”. I found them for about $0.10 a piece (when ordered in large enough quantities and so I ordered some so that my lieutenant tokens could be plastic and I had an idea of making order tokens for Woody (as he doesn’t yet have any of his own). I got as far as my lieutenant tokens after the disks came in, when the site was revealed.

The site in question is this: http://inf-dice.ghostlords.com/markers/ The possibilities are not exactly endless, but are fairly vast and cheap. If you do a full set of tokens (about 50 or less), I think the over all cost is around $15. I also used a 1″ hole punch, and didn’t include that in my estimate, purchased at a local hobby store. I think these are usually back in the scrapbooking area of most stores. Makes cutting them out easier than trying to cut circles with scissors, at least in my opinion. Your cost may vary, of course and that’s only a ball park estimate, but I genuinely like the results.



I wasn’t too keen on the bubble effect when putting the disks on both sides of the token, but the more I think of it, the more it dawns on me that could be really awesome. Using the shape, you can push on one side so that it kind of flips up, slow motion tiddly-winks style. :)

Hope this works for you as it has for me. Lots of new tokens coming out and there’s no sense breaking the bank for just a few tokens.


Now I just need to figure out if I can do square ones for my Command tokens, or 40mm ones for the objective tokens you see in the background of the pic.


Jake out.