Ariadna, you had me at “kilt”

Ariadna, you had me at “kilt”

This will be a post about why I have chosen Ariadna, and more specifically the highlanders. Jake can be blamed for all of this. Well, maybe not all of it, but definitely some of it. As a historical wargamer fleeing 40K and its clones (mostly the expense and 16 month recycle), I truthfully had zero interest in yet another game that was going to murder my wallet, and more importantly my spirit.  It’s true, some games in the past have beaten my inner child with a sack full of oranges, and that has made me gun-shy. I don’t have that with Infinity: the Game, but that is another story.

As I perused the rules and thought about armies that would be fun to paint, play and admire, Ariadna was just about dead last.  No TAGs (maybe Dog-Warrior counts?), low tech (no robot battle armor awesomeness), and kilts (more about this later). So, of course, that’s why I was drawn to them like moth to flame. (Hey, at least I can admit that to myself.) I wanted to build/play and Ariadna army, but on my own terms.  Sadly that term was kilts.  A little history.


As I mentioned before I come from a historical wargame background (Napoleonic, US Civil War, WW1, WW2, and as strong love for Victorian England), so I have been plagued by my love/hate with kilts for most of that. so lets take this a step further

Reasons to love kilts;

  1. They are awesome.
  2. They let the boys get some air.
  3. It takes a special kind of crazy to wear one.
  4. They are super colorful, and jazz up boring armies.
  5. Balls that big don’t fit well in trousers.
  6. Sean Connery.  (Yes, I know they are Irish too..)


Reasons to hate kilts;

  1. Painting them is a huge pain in the ass.
  2. Painting tartans (that’s the pattern on the kilt)  has driven sane men to do crazy things, like watch the “O” network.
  3. Painting kilts.
  4. Painting the plaid skirts
  5. Why can’t they all be London Scottish?
  6. They have even invented “Kilt Transfers” to avoid the madness of painting.
  7. Touch-ups are death.

So, even though the “hates” has more than the “loves”, kilts is is.  Here was my opening army purchase;

So with this I should be able to field 300 points pretty easy, I have a good mix of 150 point options available as well.  I do plan to beef this up with more volunteers (kilts), and Moramers (kilts), Wulvers (kilts), Galwegian (kilts) and S.A.S and special ops (no kilts).

Jut in case you weren’t keeping track, that’s 8.5 kilts. I hate myself for loving you.

Kilts. Why did it have to be kilts?